Coffin Furniture

You can choose the exterior color, interior, and options by customizing order and create your own coffin that is unique to the world.

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  • Made by Japan craftsmen

    Ota Ward, Tokyo is a "factory town".
    From design to exterior design and interior materials, craftsmen in Ota Ward make them.

  • It can also be used as a desk or stool

    You can also store things inside, so you can use it as an accent in the interior as you like.

  • Two types of shapes are available

    There are two designs: a flat type with a flat door and a wedge type with a chevron door.

Coffin BOX & Doll Coffin

We make various types of coffin boxes.
You can also order your favorite hitsugi box.

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  • Collaboration with various factories

    We produce various coffin-shaped items with various factories in Ota Ward, Tokyo, a factory town.

  • Portable coffin box

    There are also backpack types, diagonal hanging types, and other types that can be carried with dolls.

  • Various coffin cases

    We can also produce coffin-shaped musical instrument cases.

  • Interior & Displays ITEM

    Interior items, display items made on a whim, etc.
    There are also display items for dolls, accessories, etc.

    Interior&Displays ITEM 
  • Interior & Accessory Cross

    There are also wonderful gorgeous crosses in the interior, as well as optional crosses that can be attached to the coffin.

  • Pullip Dolls

    A concept doll that reproduces the mood you want to be based on the concept of "mood"
    Is there a girl who matches your mood?

    Pullip Dolls